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   For those visitors used to seeing pricing here, we have decided to remove it for the time being. There are multiple reasons behind this decision notwithstanding the restorability of the antique sirens and beacons we work on; there is the cost in time both taking photos of individual items, preparing the photos for our web designer, and the time it takes him to post them. Once posted, historically they have sold within a few days.

   With the above in mind, we feel we can better keep your final purchase price lower by providing photos of past restorations for reference, and giving you a price based on condition of items we have in stock, or contacting you when they become available.

Thank You For Your Understanding! Joe Dorgan.


Model Number & Description
With Link to Photo If Available.
B & M Model CB& M8 M-6, 12 volt,
B & M SC8B Super Chief, 12 volt
B & M Model S-8 M-7, 12 volt
Dorgan Model MK-1, 12 volt
Dorgan Model MK1-A1, 12 volt
Federal Model 66G, 12 volt
Federal Model 66L, 12 volt
Federal Type A, 24 volt
Federal Type B - With Trumpet, 12 volt
Federal Model B-9, 24 volt
Federal Early C-2, 12 volt
Federal Model C6 "Traffic King" , 6 volt
Federal CP-25 Speaker, 12 volt
Federal Model D, 24 volt
Federal Model EG, 6 volt
Federal Model EG, 12 volt
Federal Model 0, 12 volt
Federal Model Q2B "Subject to availability."
Federal Model VL, 12 volt (Waiting Parts)
Federal Model WGW, 12 volt
Federal Model WL, 6 volt
Hand Crank Siren Flat Mount
Hand Crank Siren Hand Held
Sireno ED-1, 6 volt
Sireno Model ED 10, 12 volt (Waiting Parts)
Sireno Sireno M-1, 6 Volt
Sireno Sireno M-7, 6 Volt
Sireno Trumpet Style, 6 volt
Sireno Trumpet Style, 12 volt
Sterling Model 12 - 6 volt
Sterling Model 20, 12 volt
Sterling Model 20 "Short Rear", 12 volt
Sterling Sirenlite Model 20, 12 Volt
Sterling Sirenlite Model 30, 12 Volt
For More Information. Call, Write or E-Mail: Joe Dorgan
7381 E. Stella Road, Tucson, Arizona 85730
(520) 790-0196

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