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    Greetings, and welcome to the largest web site devoted strictly to early emergency warning devices on the net. We specialize in everything from early hand operated sirens through the motor driven siren and rotating beacon era. We do not deal in light bars, electronic sirens, or stationary sirens. In addition, we are always looking to purchase complete units or the type described above or parts for any of these.

Some of the "new" products we are producing include:

  • Rear bullet housings for the Federal 60 Series, 70 Series, Class C and Q sirens.
  • One and two piece bases for the Federal 60 Series, 70 Series Class C, W, Y, X, and E sirens.
  • Cast aluminum bases for the Sterling Model 20 siren.
  • Cast aluminum grill sets for the Federal Model X siren.
  • Cast aluminum bases for the "Trio" lights such as used on Adam 12 cars.
  • Cast brass bases for the Sterling Model 12 siren and many early Sireno sirens.
  • New Glass lenses for the Federal Models: 66L, 67, 77L, C5-L, C-6, WL, Y, 18, and 19.
  • In addition, we have a large stock of glass and plastic convex lenses in many colors.
  • We can also have Lexan lenses made to your order as to size and lip thickness.

    Shop time is billed at reasonable rates, and we provide free estimates on items delivered to us.

    All rebuilt and reconditioned items carry an unconditional 90 day guarantee unless otherwise specified.

    If you plan to be in the Tucson area, please fell free to call and stop by to visit. We have on display, the premier restored collection of antique and vintage early emergency vehicular warning devices in the country.


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   While many of you know that John Dorgan passed away in May of this year (see below) what many don't know is that Joe; John's son has taken over where John left off continuing on with the established quality of workmanship that the "Sirenman" put into every siren and beacon he's ever restored.

   We ask that you relay this information to your fellow hobbyists, along with police & fire departments, ambulance compainies, and anyone else who collects antique or vintage emergency lights and sirens, so they know a reliable and quality service is still available to them to have their antique sirens & beacons restored to like new condition. Thank You!

   The Dorgan family would like to inform everyone that John Dorgan passed away on May 13, 2012.    Services were held on Saturday May 19th at East Lawn Cemetery. You may visit East Lawn's Web Site for a photo history of John's life; "Click Here"

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Various Antique Beacons

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Various Antique Sirens

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