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Archive Photos of Sirens & Beacons
For Identification & Reference Only!

Most of these items are NOT available for sale.
For currently available items please see the "Sales" pages of this Web Site.
Manufacturer Description Photo ID Number
Akron Brass Akrolite sb29.jpg
Amber Tear Drop b90.jpg
Barney Fife Andy Griffith Light sb36.jpg
Carpenter Wig-Wag b23.jpg
Carpenter Wig-Wag b138.jpg
Code 3 Model 500 b49.jpg
Deitz Model 510 b52.jpg
Deitz Captains Light 10" b66.jpg
Deitz Remote Control Search Light b65.jpg
Deitz 2-11 Hill Light b122.jpg
Deitz 7-11 Hill Light b19.jpg
Deitz 7-11 Hill Light b104.jpg
Deitz 200 b31.jpg
Deitz 211 b94.jpg
Deitz 7-40 b30.jpg
Deitz 7-61 b32.jpg
Deitz 9-51 Sealed Beam b16.jpg
Deitz Hose Bed Light b47.jpg
Dietz 200 Marker Light b53.jpg
Do Ray #251 b86.jpg
Do Ray P96 b121.jpg
Do Ray Beacon b78.jpg
Dorgan HKR b12.gif
EEC 436 Beacon b34.jpg
Emergency Rotator With Suction Cup & Lighter Plug b89.jpg
Federal Model 18 b142.jpg
Federal Model 19 b143.jpg
Federal Model 184 H b145.jpg
Federal 15-A Junior Beacon Ray b88.jpg
Federal 15-A Junior Beacon Ray - Glass Dome b140.jpg
Federal 15-A Junior Beacon Ray - Plastic Dome b141.jpg
Federal Fireball II b162.jpg
Federal 17 b139.jpg
Federal Model 14 b163.jpg
Federal Model 17a b160.jpg
Federal Model 17 b160.jpg
Federal Visibeam with controller and harness b159.jpg
Federal 14 Late Model b38.jpg
Federal Model 100 b123.jpg
Federal Model 15E b127.jpg
Federal Model LL b129.jpg
Federal "Crossfire" b130.jpg
Federal 15A Junior Beacon Ray b133.jpg
Federal 16 Visilite b74.jpg
Federal 19 Propello-Ray b110.jpg
Federal 175, 4 Bulb Hill Light b11.jpg
Federal 173 b71.jpg
Federal 312 "Titan" b73.jpg
Federal 176, 4 Bulb Rotator b18.jpg
Federal 17A, 2 Bulb b14.jpg
Federal 17 b98.jpg
Federal 17 b139.jpg
Federal 14 b113.jpg
Federal 14 b114.jpg
Federal 14 b02.gif
Federal 18, Solar-Ray, 6 Volt b63.jpg
Federal 18, Solar-Ray, 12 Volt b92.jpg
Federal 19 b51.jpg
Federal 19 Propello Ray b96.jpg
Federal 184 b09.gif
Federal BR-2 b83.jpg
Federal CJ 184 b105.jpg
Federal Electraray 110 volt, AC b69.jpg
Federal Fireball b112.jpg
Federal Fireball on Motorcycle Mount b135.jpg
Federal Fireball II b115.jpg
Federal Fireball b102.jpg
Federal Fireball 2 b103.jpg
Federal Fireball IIST b106.jpg
Federal Firebeam b119.jpg
Federal Visabeam, With Controller b108.jpg
Federal Vitalite b101.jpg
Generic Single Rotator b15.gif
Griffin 360 b13.gif
Grote Model 5065 Lights b43.jpg
Grote Flasher b67.jpg
Grote Model 7620 Light b99.jpg
Grote Model 7616 b147.jpg
Grote Model 7622 Light b118.jpg
Grote Model 8265 Lights b44.jpg
Grote Model 256, Lollipop Lights b45.jpg
Guide 6.5" Bulb & Reflector b17.jpg
Guide Captains Light b24.jpg
Guide Captains Light b25.jpg
Highway Safety Products Model HSP2010 b84.jpg
K D Model 850 Purple/Blue Lights b40.jpg
Kilborn Sauer 5.5" Early Bulb & Reflector b20.jpg
Kojak Style Lights b06.gif
Lear Seigler RM2 b28.jpg
Lollipop Style Light b05.gif
LSI Beacon b80.jpg
Mars Model SW-2 b125.jpg
Mars SW-2 b04.gif
Mars Model 888, With Early Bulb & Reflector b109.jpg
Mars Model 888 "Traffic Breaker" Light b46.jpg
Mars Model 888, Flush Mount b100.jpg
Mars Model FL b107.jpg
Mars Skybolt Model SW-2 b64.jpg
Mars "888" b111.jpg
Mars Flush Mount Ring with Name Tag o32.jpg
Miro-Volv 90* Wig Wag b150.jpg
McKeelite 6" Diameter b39.jpg
North American Model MI-22 b126.jpg
North American Action Light b62.jpg
North American Strobe b161.jpg
North American Andy Griffith Style Light b93.jpg
Not specified 1920's Nickeled Spot, 6 volt b59.jpg
Not specified Acorn Lights b60.jpg
Not specified Andy Griffith Style Beacon b03.gif
Not specified Dash Light Magnetic, With Lighter Plug b48.jpg
Not specified Deck Light, Red b42.jpg
Not specified Deck Lights b58.jpg
Not specified Double Facing Light b56.jpg
Not specified With MARS Lens b77.jpg
Not specified Old Cowl Lights b137.jpg
Not specified 4.50" Lights - Front & Rear b158.jpg
Not specified PAR-36 Crow Light b149.jpg
Not specified Hose Bed Light b153.jpg
Not specified 6.750" Red Light b156.jpg
Not specified Andy Griffith Style Light b155.jpg
Not specified Stainless, Smoked Glass Lights b41.jpg
Not specified Stancion Light b120.jpg
Petersen PAR 36, Double Enders, Red/Amber b68.jpg
Red/Green Set 4.5" Marker Lights b21.jpg
Signal Stat Double Ender Red/Red b87.jpg
Signal Stat Green Teardrop b95.jpg
S & M Crown Crow Lights b144.jpg
Signal Stat Green Teardrop b97.jpg
Sireno ? Beacon b35.jpg
Sireno "Can Lights" b81.jpg
SVP Halogen Rotators b36.jpg
Trippe Model ST-1 b124.jpg
Trippe RF-6 b22.jpg
Trippe RF-6 b136.jpg
Trippe Dash Light b48.jpg
Trippe Kojak Light b117.jpg
Trippe Kojak Light b76.jpg
Trippe RF-6 b01.gif
Tri/Lite Model MV-IND b157.jpg
Unity Model RV-15 b128.jpg
Unity Model F1 Cowl Light b148.jpg
Unity Model RV-45 b154.jpg
Unity Model RV-15 b152.jpg
Unity Model RB-11 b131.jpg
Unity RV-25 b37.jpg
Unity RV-25 b79.jpg
Unity RV-25, Blue Spitfire b72.jpg
Unity Hose Bed Lights With Base b57.jpg
Unity Hose Bed Light b134.jpg
Unity Par 36, Hose Bed Lights b54.jpg
Unknown European Style Light b50.jpg
Vehicle Products Model VP-486 b151.jpg
Whelan Cadet b85.jpg
Whelan Coporal b91.jpg
Whelan Coporal b82.jpg
Whelan RB-11 Rotabeam b08.gif
Whelan Hotshot II b116.jpg
Whelan Rotabeam b75.jpg
Whelan 66 b29.jpg
Whelan #66 Rotabeam b61.jpg
Whelan RB-11 b33.jpg
Whelan 66 Rotabeam b27.jpg
Whelen Rotabeam b146.jpg
B & M CS-8 s76.jpg
B & M E-8 Non-Coaster s08.gif
B & M S-8 Coaster s22.jpg
B & M S-8B Coaster s69.jpg
B & M CS-8, 12 volt s48.jpg
B & M SC8-B, Super Chief 12 volt s49.jpg
CAM Siren s16.gif
CAM Coaster Siren s54.jpg
Federal 66G Early Model s01.gif
Federal 66G Late Model s03.gif
Federal 77-GB s70.jpg
Federal CP-25 s73.jpg
Federal EP s30.jpg
Federal EP s58.jpg
Federal P860 "Pulsator" s81.jpg
Federal Q2B s05.gif
Federal VG s31.jpg
Federal VG, with flat grille s71.jpg
Federal WG s50.jpg
Federal 28 s21.jpg
Federal 66GH High Pitch s33.jpg
Federal C5GA s13.gif
Federal C5GA s40.jpg
Federal Model CP-24 s39.jpg
Federal CP-25 s27.jpg
Federal EG s32.jpg
Federal EP s78.jpg
Federal L s35.jpg
Federal PA-15 "Director" s28.jpg
Federal PA-2100, "Siracom" s19.jpg
Federal Super X, Grill Style s14.gif
Federal Model WG, with pathfinder label s34.jpg
Federal Model 66G with Extended Front Housing s74.jpg
Federal Model 66GH, High Pitch s43.jpg
Federal Model 66GH s66.jpg
Federal Model WG, 12 Volt s44.jpg
Federal Model WGW, military, 24 volt s17.gif
Federal Model WL "Early" s68.jpg
Federal Volunteer s64.jpg
Federal Model X, military, 24 volt s18.gif
Mars Model 10 "Commander" s82.jpg
Mars Model S-60 s80.jpg
Mars MSS6 s20.jpg
Mars S60 s53.jpg
North American SI-100-XL, 100 watt siren with wiring harness and mike. s84.jpg
Not Specified Small Motorcycle Type Siren s55.jpg
Not Specified Siren s83.jpg
Pyle American Siren Master s75.jpg
Sireno #1, With Darly Tag s60.jpg
Sireno Pending s65.jpg
Sireno 2, Nickel s23.jpg
Sireno 5, Nickel s24.jpg
Sireno 5 s52.jpg
Sireno 6, early s09.gif
Sireno 6, Chrome s25.jpg
Sireno 11 s29.jpg
Sireno 11 s77.jpg
Sireno 70 s51.jpg
Sireno C 389 s41.jpg
Sireno ED1 s46.jpg
Sireno ED2 s15.gif
Sireno ED2 s79.jpg
Sireno M1 s42.jpg
Sireno M-1 Tall and Short Bases Shown s63.jpg
Sireno M-75 s26.jpg
Sireno Marine s72.jpg
Sireno Unmarked s57.jpg
Sterling 12 s10.gif
Sterling 20 jr. s02.gif
Sterling 30G s56.jpg
Sterling 4, Circa 1920 s04.gif
Sterling Early Model, Long Roll s12.gif
Sterling Model H, Hand Crank s36.jpg
Sterling Model H, Hand Crank s61.jpg
Sterling Model 20 s38.jpg
Sterling Model 20 s37.jpg
Sterling Model 20 s45.jpg
Sterling Model 20G s47.jpg
Sterling Early Model 30 s59.jpg
Combination Siren/Beacons
Darley / Federal VL sb42.jpg
Darley/Federal WL Sirenlite sb10.jpg
Darley/Federal VL Sirenlite sb32.jpg
Federal Model 66LR sb27.jpg
Federal C-6B sb43.jpg
Federal C5L Early sb41.jpg
Federal C6A, with Propello Ray sb05.gif
Federal Model 66 LR sb39.jpg
Federal 67 with Propello Ray sb36.jpg
Federal Model 77L sb40.jpg
Federal C-6B sb37.jpg
Federal C-68BR with Propello Ray sb11.jpg
Federal CJ-184 sb02.gif
Federal CJ-184, Speaker Light sb07.jpg
Federal Model C5-L, "early" sb16.jpg
Federal Super X, with Light sb06.gif
Federal Super XL, with Light sb22.jpg
Federal XL, Military sb21.jpg
Federal VL sb14.jpg
Federal VL sb31.jpg
Federal WL sb26.jpg
Federal WL sb38.jpg
Federal WL, Early Model sb04.gif
Federal WL, Early Model sb13.jpg
Federal WL, Late Model sb03.jpg
Federal 66L sb20.jpg
Federal 66L sb28.jpg
Federal 78B "Double-Tone" sb25.jpg
Federal WLR sb19.jpg
Federal Model WL sb17.jpg
Federal Model WLW sb18.jpg
Federal WL, Very Early Model sb12.jpg
Federal Model 78, With Propelloray sb15.jpg
Sireno R-5-R sb23.jpg
Sireno R-5-R sb24.jpg
Sireno R-J-1-8 sb30.jpg
Sireno RJ-18 sb34.jpg
Sterling 20 Jr. Sirenlite sb01.gif
Sterling 30 Sirenlite sb08.jpg
Sterling Model 20 Sirenlite sb09.jpg
Other Items
Base For Sterling 20 or 30 o21.jpg
Base ONLY Signal Stat o22.jpg
Base ONLY Federal "Q" & Other Federal Sirens, Ambulance High Top o31.jpg
Big Beam Lanterns o01.gif
Citation Book Holder o07.jpg
Dorgan Leather Lantern Strap o13.jpg
Dorgans Castings o19.jpg
Federal PA-15 o24.jpg
Federal PA-20 o06.gif
Federal PA-20, w/mike, 58 watt o09.jpg
Federal PA-20, With Mike o17.jpg
Federal PA-1000 o04.gif
Fire Lite Alarm Bell, new o10.jpg
Gamewell Alarm Box o25.jpg
Generic Light Bases, Polished and Not o14.jpg
Generic 58 and 100 watt siren drivers o11.jpg
Lenses Various o18.jpg
Lenses and Domes Various o20.jpg
Generic Helmet Straps o08.jpg
Motorola 10 Key Pager o12.jpg
Motorola Mocom 70 o23.jpg
Seagrave Or Other Axe Blade Bracket o15.jpg
Seagrave Or Other Windshield Pillar Light Mount o16.jpg
Sireno Projector, 75 watt o05.gif
Southern VP SA-400 o27.jpg
Unitrol 480 o03.gif
Unity Hose Bed Lights o02.gif
Vanner Wig-Wag Flasher Unit o28.jpg
Widemouth Fiberglass Speaker (58 Watt) o26.jpg
XXX Unknown No Data Sent sb33.jpg
For More Information. Call, Write or E-Mail: Joe Dorgan
7381 E. Stella Road, Tucson, Arizona 85730
(520) 790-0196

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